Mid Century Vintage

Vintage Mid century Primitive Naive Impasto Landscape Oil Painting Signed 9

Vintage Mid century Primitive Naive Impasto Landscape Oil Painting Signed 9
Vintage Mid century Primitive Naive Impasto Landscape Oil Painting Signed 9

Vintage Mid century Primitive Naive Impasto Landscape Oil Painting Signed 9    Vintage Mid century Primitive Naive Impasto Landscape Oil Painting Signed 9

A Stunning art piece Titled Kyrka & signed but the Mid Century Swedish artist Lars Klint. We are pleased to present this art work by the Vintage Swedish artist 1939- This art piece is signed, titled and dated which is typical of the art pieces produced by this artist. His art is a combination of the symbolism of Paul Gauguin and the Niave primative style of William Johnson. His art is both refreshing and profound with hidden meaning in every painting with use of colour and form to express significance and convey sentiment. This art work is dated 1968 & Titled K.

He art piece is a depiction of a rural country landscape with a Large cathedral by the side of a river the building setting is in a field. A varied flora and fauna can be seen located in the back ground, with the most amazing blue sky with fluffy white clouds stippled across the azure blue expanse. Interpretation of the artists work can be quite a journey of emotion and imagination the artist is quite profound. Colour and form is the main expressive tool used in this artists work, and the meaning of each colour is as important as the form used to express the colour.

Painted in white with tinges of greens an black represents the innocence and purity mixed with the tranquility which is represented by the greens both on the building (representing Foundation Home) and in the surrounding fields (environment, freedom) The black when mixed with white is a parallel Good v Evil the black is also used to convey an imminent ending hiding in the shadows of an uncertain future. The Cathedral and the landscape are painted in browns and to represent the.

Sense of strength and reliability combined with reds seen as a passion conduit blood of christ / Church. Brown is often seen as solid, much like the earth, and it's a color often associated with resilience, dependability, security, and safety. The Azure in the edges of the of the sky stippled with white clouds (innocence & purity) shows the a. Zure is the color of trust and responsibility, exhibiting the confidence of youth, and sincerity of love the Sky to rear freedom & paradise. Providing a sense of security, & calmness.

We have one other art work by this artist listed. Symbolism was made popular in the late 1890s by another primitive style artist Paul Gauguin. Painted in the Impasto technique this art piece is a wonderfully textured and expressive mid century abstract painting, executed in the medium of oil onto wood board.

This painting is powerful and visually striking in appearance, as it is composed with saturated and Earthy striking colours comprising shades of blues, greens and yellow earthy tones that evoke energy and warmth. The artist has skilfully used the impasto technique - applying thick layers of paint to provide a textural dimension to the artwork. This thick accumulation of paint that lends a three-dimensional quality not only adds character to the piece, but a sense of depth and texture too.

A Breif Summary of Symbolism. As opposed to impressionism in which the emphasis was on the reality of the created paint surface itself, Symbolism was both an artistic and a literary movement that suggested ideas through symbols and emphasized the meaning behind the forms, lines, shapes, and colours. The works of some of its proponents exemplify the ending of the tradition of representational art coming from Classical times. Symbolism can also be seen as being at the forefront of modernism, in that it developed new and often abstract means to express psychological truth and the idea that behind the physical world lay a spiritual reality. Symbolists could take the ineffable, such as dreams and visions, and give it form.

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  1. Artist: Lars Klint
  2. Signed: Yes
  3. Title: A Wonderful Day
  4. Material: Oil
  5. Region of Origin: scandinavian
  6. Framing: Mounted & Framed
  7. Subject: Rural, Countryside, Agriculture, Landscape
  8. Type: Painting
  9. Year of Production: 1969
  10. Original/Licensed Reproduction: Original
  11. Style: Symbolisim, Post Impressionism, Primative, Niave, Abstract, Americana
  12. Production Technique: Oil Painting
  13. Country/Region of Manufacture: Netherlands
  14. Handmade: Yes
  15. Time Period Produced: 1960-1969

Vintage Mid century Primitive Naive Impasto Landscape Oil Painting Signed 9    Vintage Mid century Primitive Naive Impasto Landscape Oil Painting Signed 9